Component Definition

Every time I create a component, I need to edit the definition default which always shown on the dialog box as “Component#1”. Is there any way I can change this default definition as per my company’s requirement, Say “EIRE#1” instead, just to avoid to much typing every time I need to create.

Thanks in advance.


No. The default name when you don’t provide one of your own is wired into the SketchUp code. It is not configurable.

Thanks mate, so there is no other way to config the default as per our requirements. I hope that there will be an option in the next version.


I’ve never seen a request for something like that in the nearly 15 years I’ve been using SketchUp. I guess you can make a feature request. If there are enough others who want the same feature, I expect they’d look at it.

Thanks Dave for your attention on this topic.

nz_EasyGroups could help you to rename them quickly.

Thanks Flino, i will try.

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