Unique component name

I am sure this might already been addressed/answered elsewhere but I have not been able to get search to work here very well.

I am trying to be organized and name my components with something meaningful.

Problem is that I keep getting the popup “The component name must be unquie”.

I have looked at the Outliner window and nothing else is named the same. This is SOOOOOOOO frustrating. Can someone help me please.

The component definitions must have a unique name. This is what the popup is referring to,… not the component instance names.

Open the Component Manager to the “In Model” list, whilst working with components, so you can see what other definitions are defined, and what the names are.

Even if you’ve deleted a component (Let’s call it ASDF), it’s still saved in your model.
You can go to your Model Info and Purged Unused, to clear any remaining unused components names.

To clarify what @quantj said, if you delete all the ComponentInstances in your model, their ComponentDefinitions still remain. To get rid of the unused ComponentDefinitions, use purge.

I’ve downloaded the cleanup extension which seems to help alot with my issues of having “hidden” pieces.

Thanks for all the help :smile: