Component browser window behaving badly

I’ve just reopened SU 2017 not long after a computer restart.

When first opened, the Component Browser shows a huge blank space at the top, which survives closing and reopening the window from the menu. If I minimise the window, then re-display it a couple of times, it reverts to almost normal, but the top now has parts collapsed over each other - the component image and Name and Description fields overlay what should be below them, the drop downs for choosing what to view in the component browser:

Using Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.6, iMac 27" 5K screen, SU 2017 latest v17.3.116.

A restart of SU fixes it, for the moment, but what triggers it in the first place? It’s happened several times recently, and other windows like Outliner also sometimes open with a large blank space at the top, and need one or two cycles of closing and opening, or minimising and maximising, to get straightened out.

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