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Whilst trying to adjust a dynamic component using the Component Options menu the component would not adjust. I opened the Component Attributes and it appears that when one of the values on the Component Options were adjusted a duplicate attribute was created, and the duplicate is linked to the Options menu, but cannot be used or adjusted in the Attributes Menu. I thought this was just a glitch with the component so I started to rebuild a new one, but the same thing is happening. I have included a short video and the beginnings of the new component. This has never happened before so I am presuming it is a bug, but I am happy to be corrected if you can see I am doing something wrong.
Thanks for taking a look.

Component Attribute.skp (172.7 KB)

Hey, it would appear the _ at the end of your attribute name is the culprit, no clue why though. Was also affecting your F1_feet_ attribute. Maybe someone with more Ruby knowledge than I can explain?

Component Attribute edit.skp (220.2 KB)

I find the simpler you can make a naming scheme the better, less to read in the formula bar and less characters to typo. You might also consider using the Parent! reference instead of the component name in child formulas, also to avoid errors, makes sub component re use easier too…


See attribute editor in extensions

Underscore is part of the hidden attributes that control label names, formulars etc…

placing one at beginning or end will excess or interfere with these attributes, so add another letter or number or do not use at end

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Thank you very much! I’ll make sure I simplify things moving forward.

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