Bug when Renaming Attributes in Dynamic Component

I’ve found an annoying bug when renaming dynamic component attributes.

If an attribute name is height for example
And another attribute is named sashheight
And the value of another attribute “test” is a formula (=height-sashheight-6)

If you change the name of the “height” attribute to say “aaheight”
Then the formula in the “test” attribute changes to (=aaheight-sashaaheight-6)

I often need to change the attribute names so they order in the options menu. This bug means I break a lot of formulas when I change an attributes name.

Anyone found a workaround ???

Here’s the link to my test file

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File not shared…

Can confirm. Renaming an attribute appears to rename any other attribute that merely contains the original name.

AFAIK there’s no way to order/reorder attributes other than by the way they sort by name.
In situations where order in the Options dialog is important, I setup the aesthetics of the Options dialog first.

A simple letter prefix for each custom attribute establishes their order.


Establishing attribute order ahead of time doesn’t fix the bug, but it does help avoid it.

Here’s an image showing the problem.

So when we rename the height attribute to zz_height, the sash_height attribute is renamed in the formula of total_height.

Also, the total_height shows no error even though sash_zz_height is not a valid attribute name.


Yeah, this is what I found. Geo’s workaround to the problem (ie; starting with a unique name to begin with) stops this from happening, but it is a bug if you ask me, and very annoying…

There seems to be a similar problem when renaming dynamic component object name (when some attribute from that dynamic component is used in formula for another object).
It screwed up my whole model - it was too late when i noticed the corrupt formulas :frowning: Should start to make backup files every now and then