Attribute name changes to value in new formula

I just came across a problem which seems to be hard to solve. Or maybe I just can’t get my head around it.

When I want to write a new formula in a new attribute and use the name of another attribute it changes the name of the used attribute to the outcome of the attribute. (Sorry hard to explain)
Maybe a screen shot says more

I don’t get it because in the other attributes this just works fine. Just my “colour_Lid” does change the attribute names to the outcome of the formula in this attribute.

Your help is very much appreciated.


Sorry I solved it. there was a bug in my formula

What was the bug now that you got us interested ?

the error he was showing in red. the formula shows the calculation results and when there is an error (either in the formula, or in a dependent attribute), you’ll see the results mixed with the offending value/attribute

Hi, I didn’t put the “” around the number I put in. Somehow this changes the whole thing how the formula is read by the system. So the right formula is
=IF(Article_Number=“114851”,Brilliant_Steel,Colour) instead of =IF(Article_Number=114851,Brilliant_Steel,Colour)

Thanks for your help :+1:

Thanks for stating the obvious.