Dynamic Component Attributes link to another components attributes causing an error


I have two dynamic window components that work as I intended while they are the only component in the model (eg casement window). When I introduce my next dynamic component into the model (eg sliding window) by pasting it in it looks fine until I go to change the size of the window which I had designed to be able to do by entering the desired dimensions in the options dialog boxes. This is when things go wrong and when I look at the errors in the dialog box some of the length fields of the ‘sliding window’ are referencing the ‘casement window’ instead. Which ever component I paste into the model first always works fine. It is the second one that always tries to reference the first and causes errors.

This is my first attempt at dynamic components and I did create the second and subsequent window components by copying and renaming parts of the first (Im not sure if this was the best approach). I also realise I may have to just use the scale feature to size the overall dimensions of the windows rather than by dialog box.

I will attach the files. Any help would be appreciated!

Dynamic Casement Window.skp (223.8 KB)
Dynamic Sliding Window.skp (222.1 KB)


Yes, copying would be the cause of the residue referencing updates, by scaling the definition (right click menu, choose scale definition, on all sub components) of the copy breaks the updating. The scale seems to be the catalyst for this behaviour
Its recommended that you make the copies within the same master file, make every element unique (groups are harder, so change them to components, or use a script (http://ruby.sketchup.com/Sketchup/Group.html#make_unique-instance_method) or rebuild them).

winn.skp (269.9 KB)


Thanks Phillip!!
I had I (I think) already made all of the sub components unique and renamed them after I done the copying.
I just tried your tip on ‘scale definition’ for every sub component within each window and it works well now! Although I don’t yet understand it I’m very happy about it. I just wish I’d posted on this forum earlier before I drove myself crazy.
Much appreciated, Thanks


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