Component and zoom extents

I’ve been asking those features for multiple years now. Those feature would literally change my life and save me hundred of hours yearly. Maybe SU team don’t read old requests so I give it a fresh try. Thank you SU team if you can consider those requests:

1- having components so i don’t have to change hundred of symbols but instead changing just once… once!

2- A zoom extend on a viewport to avoid resizing the 4 sides of a viewport every time you change scale. This eats lots of time when using heavy geometry in your model.

3- the possibility of having extensions in Layout

4- importing vectorial pdf… in vectorial.

Thx for your time.

I thought of another CRUCIAL feature today: (January)
5- Be able to copy pages or elements between files… with the layer structure to follow!


I just saw the new 2020 version. I’m super trilled about the new features. But i’m also frustrated that none of my requests as been considered. I’ve been waiting for years for those features. I guess I’ll have to wait another one!

Interesting ideas!


Specially about the LO components.
My scrapbook will be trilled.

The second request is also here at No. 2. Will also save a lot of moving around.

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