[Compo Spray] Version for Ruby 2.x and SketchUp 2014+?

I upgraded to sketch up 2015 and now I cannot get one of my favorite plugins to work – Compo Spray. Has anyone figured out a way to make it work for the newest version of Sketch-up? Or is there another tool out there that will do what Compo Spray will do? It is a great tool that has made my life much easier.

Here is a link that describes it:



You should try this version instead: http://sketchucation.com/pluginstore?pln=compoSpray

The version at Didier’s site is v1.4.2

The version in the SketchUcation PluginStore is v1.4.2xxxxx

The five x characters are a bit weird.

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Yes, but it says “v2014/2015 compatible [@TIG]”.

Ah… TIG must have done some fixin’ for Ruby 2.x…
… wonder why the 5 following Xs though ?

@TIG v1.4.2a would read better.

Didier agreed I would fix his plugins in the SCF PluginStore.
Since they ought to offer nothing more than the previous version I append an X to the end of the revision, so a user sees a new version is available.
Unfortunately with some of these updates I initially ballsed up - and had to add more Xs !
So if a Didier script has a version code with an X [or more] appended to it, then I have tweaked it to work with >=v2014.

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Thanks! Worked perfectly! Really appreciate your help.

I installed the newer version on SU 16 succesfully but it seems to not have all the functionality as on YT tutorials (for sure they were made about the older version). E.g. I can spray manually, neither choose spray shape (circle, square, line…). It sprays components automatically on surface or edge. Do I miss something?

Hello again!
Compo Spray doesn’t completely work with SU 2017. The dialog box opens but when I hit SPRAY nothing happens. Any suggestions?