Compliments to Sketchup Pro 2024

Hello Sketchup folks,
I am not opposed to upgrades, but they always make me a little nervous. I have had upgrades where it was a process to get my programs back to behaving the way I want. However, I convinced myself to try Sketchup Pro 2024 and I am very impressed! I make very detailed and complex designs of mechanical working type collections of parts. I use Sketchup to show what I am talking about as I make YouTubes. Sometimes I will switch over to Keyshot renders because I have the ability to make the renderings have features to make them look more beautiful. But the creative process is via Sketchup. I had some Sketchup files that were so complex that Sketchup was not able to display them with refresh rates that would work. But the new Sketchup Pro 2024, its new graphics management is just wonderful, at least for me, and I wanted to send in compliments. I made a YouTube where I found 5 of my truly complex Sketchup files that I have never been able to discuss because they refreshed on display just too slowly and Sketchup Pro 2024 had no problems. I created a page at my website where the skp files are available for free download if anyone wants to just see what a complex skp file looks like. I also worry that folks will say, Your 3D designs, mechanically, are not feasible, so I wanted to also try out the FBX export in Sketchup Pro 2024 so people could import my designs into their own 3D drawing programs and satisfy themselves that I don’t have any mechanical errrors (at least I think I don’t have any errors :roll_eyes: ) So I created FBX exports of the 5 files and opened them in my Maya from Autodesk and they open just fine. So, all around, Yay!
Here’s the webpage I created about this: Sketchup 2024 Compliment Discussion –
Here’s the YouTube link:

Enjoy! Dr. Gray