Complete List of Keyboard Shortcuts

I use the “~” for the x-ray option

Thank you!

I attempted to do the same but failed. Then I read somewhere in this thread (can’t seem find it now) that when assigning a shortcut key on a Mac one may not press Return after entering the key. Instead, just left-click anywhere (or perhaps not even that is needed). That was my problem. It’s too bad Sketchup doesn’t just disregard Enter.

I think that is a old complaint re: the Mac interface.

(BTW, the member you replied to hasn’t posted here in 4 years 3 months or visited in 3 years 7 months.)

I’ve changed Close.Group or Component.
When there are generally many Groups/Components nested and Escape doesn’t work and/or there’s no blank space to click on hitting G repeatedly will back you out through the nestings quickly.
I just right click to Make Group. It’s faster any way.

The quickest way to get out of nested groups is to use the Outliner and click on the title.

And so will the ESC key (“out of the box”.)


That’s not always dependable. That’s going to be my last comment on this forum.

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Of course the Selection Tool must be the active tool.

Otherwise you can use the close all active edits command I linked to above.
(It allows you to exit back up to the model context and in only 1 keystroke if you assign it a shortcut, no matter how many nesting levels you’ve drilled into.)

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You will get the hang of it. But honestly the Pro version is SO much nicer and easier to use than the Free version…I was gifted the Pro version for 6 months from my former employer and when the license came up to renew I invested…some of the best money I have ever spent.

This is a great topic, and a very nice way you have explained of thinking about what to use.
i am researching this topic again, as i would like to standardize an office of users with scripts, prefs and shortcuts.

I ran across a similar (now retired) thread discussing the topic of custom shortcuts which has a downloadable PDF that is arrange very nicely and has many of the authors shortcut selections available in that PDF as well as a PREFERENCES text file. I found this to be very helpful a few years ago when i first started looking around.

Hi Mate,

There is another one that I struggled to find that toggles teh object transparency. It is “k”.

I’d accidently turn this feature on and had a lot of trouble turning it off.


It’s referred to as Back Edges.

If you can use the mouse, use the mouse as much as possible
Shortcut keys are rarely used

Simply not true for experienced SU modellers. Shortcuts speed up changes between tools, and make for faster and more fluid modelling.


I use shortcuts for 90% of my tool selections, at least. In fact, I don’t have a single tool in my user interface as a result. Using shortcuts gives you instant tool changes, because you only tap a key while you never have to even move the mouse. Tool bars force you to stop what you’re doing, look for an tool icon, move the mouse to a tool, click it, and then go BACK to your drawing. And then back again for another tool. Ridiculous and slow.

Regarding a list of shortcuts, there really isn’t one considering they are all customizable. I don’t think many of the defaults even apply to me anymore. I set my shortcuts to ones that are easier to use and remember.

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I can’t imagine working without hot keys.
Here is my set, developed over many years. I work on Windows, BTW.
Note though: I am left-handed and so most of the important stuff is set on the right side of the keyboard (so left hand stays with mouse). Key elements are the shift + arrow keys.
Also, related, if you are working without a number pad on your keyboard, get a usb or bluetooth number pad ASAP.
AE sketchup hot keys

I use nothing but shortcuts and/or context click menus which are 2nd fastest.
If all you do is draw, fast is important, but if you’re designing, convenience is more important as you need time to consider and try various options anyway.

To me it is about typing one handed with the left hand. Myself, being right handed, my right hand is on the mouse and stays there. My left hand is on the keyboard and stays there. It just takes a bit to get the muscle memory in your fingers to reach your shortcuts with your left hand. Once you do, you don’t even think about it.