Keyboard Shortcuts, SketchUp for Windows, Complete

Since this didn’t seem to be out on internet anywhere on the internet, I took the time to make a complete list of the default SketchUp keyboard shortcuts. Things to be aware of: I have Sketchup Make (I don’t know if the default shortcuts are different for different SketchUp products), and these shortcuts are for the Windows version.

I hope it helps someone!

Sketchup All Default Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows) 1.6.2017.pdf (33.3 KB)

In the Online User Guide, on the “Getting Started in SketchUp” page,
there are download links (and an image) of the SketchUp Quick Reference Cards (PDF):

… also a link to the LayOut Quick Reference Cards (PDF):

On these (PDF) cards, the default shortcuts are in parenthesis following the tool name.