Quick Reference card Sketchup 2017

Hi, I can’t find the Quick Reference card pdf for Sketchup 17. I’ve found the Layout one, but not the SU one. Thanks, regards, Sally

Hi Sally. Try following this link. Scroll down a bit and you should see it. You can download it by clicking on it to open it. Then use the Download button.

Hi Dave,

hope you’re well? I did find that page but I don’t see a link for it, I only see a link for the Layout one. Am I being dim? Or blind? :wink:


Hi Sally,

Yes. Very well, indeed. And you?

That’s weird. You’re using Mac, right? I see it on my PC. I wonder if it’s missing from the space above “To download a PDF…” or if it is a weird Mac thing. We need another Mac user to check. Maybe @john_drivenupthewall could take a look.

FWIW, it hasn’t really changed for a number of years so if you have an older copy, you can still use it.

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Brilliant, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Thanks Dave.

All well my end!

Yes, Mac user. I looked a few times thinking I was missing something, but couldn’t see a link, hence posting my question. But got it now thanks to @sketch3d_de

Good to see you’re still here helping people with all things Sketchup.

All the best, Sally

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I’ve created a comprehensive list with versions back to 2013 here:

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This link is easy to remember and has all of the shortcuts you’ll need.