Comments on 3d warehouse model name: akb Wood Species -- wood materials texture bonus pack comments section missing

Comments section on 3d warehouse model name: akb Wood Species – wood materials texture bonus pack comments missing

I was reading thru the comments and where a poster was explaining how to use this object.

I returned and no comment section is available.

I can’s see any comment section for any model.

What have I done?

Thanks in advance

When referring to content on the web, it is a good idea to also provide a link. Reasons:

  • Data on the internet often has unambiguous IDs in the link.
  • Textual descriptions (especially without quotes) are unprecise (is “missing” part of it?) and prone to typing errors.
  • A reader requires additional effort to copy the title and try to reproduce the same search that you did (needs to know where to search, what to click). Possibly someone will find some similar results, but be left in doubt which you are referring to.

It turns out there are two models with the same titles:
2018-09-25 akb Wood Species – wood materials texture bonus pack by Ehsan B. without comments
2014-04-04 akb Wood Species – wood materials texture bonus pack by Edward F. with 13 comments

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Not unusual for more than one person to upload the same file to the 3D Warehouse.

As for using those textures, the simplest thing to do is to open the file in a fresh SketchUp session. Then, on the Mac, go to the Colors panel and choose Colors in model (Click on the little house icon). Make sure the only materials you have are the ones included in this file. Then in the List drop down, select Duplicate. Give the new library a useful name and click OK. After that you should find the library in the drop down list at the top of the Colors panel.

In case some PC user comes along and wants to do the same thing, save the materials as a collection by opening the Details menu on the right side of the Materials panel and choose Save collection as… Afterwards, add it to your favorites in the same menu so it’ll show in the drop down list under your favorites.

FWIW, when you get ready to make some textures from images of real wood, you can do the same sort of thing. Once you have the images as textures in SketchUp, you can save them as above. I have collections by species so it’s easier to find the textures I want.

You can add to the collections later if you add additional textures.

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Thanks heaps DaveR.
Really appreciate the verbose and detailed instructions.
Thanks so much for sharing your considerable knowledge in this area.

I’m working on an iMac.
I’ve rebooted with the same issue on existing .skp files clicking on 3d warehouse. Still no comments section on any model.

After creating a new .skp file and clicking on 3d warehouse,
comments sections are now displaying again.

Duplicating the List “Colors in Model” worked but
Can’t seem to locate the Details menu on the right side of the Materials panel to Save. Might not be available on iMac.

Using the new material list
I can select a texture and use it.
But when I select another texture and try to use it,
the texture is the same as the first texture and not the second texture as expected.

No matter which texture I select only the first will be applied.

Stumbled on another work around.
copying everything from the aka-woodspecies and pasting into my model,
and using Colors in Model works like I expect.
Saving the model closing the model and closing sketchup
then reopening the model and again using Colors in Medel seems to work consistently.

The Details menu that I mentioned were in my instructions for Windows users who might come along and want to do the same sort of thing.

Do you have the Paint Bucket tool when you are selecting the other textures?

You shouldn’t need this work around and it just bloats your SketchUp files to add all those materials to your models.

Thanks again DaveR.

Yeah ok.
So your reference in this instance to PC is Windows PC.
Got it.
I consider my iMac a PC.

Yes I’m using the Paint Bucket Tool to select the Material Textures.

I agree I should not have to use this workaround.
Maybe there is an issue with those materials in those .skp files.

The comments on Sketchup 3D reflect the same issues I’m having.

I’m a super basic user so the extra materials don’t worry me.
But I’ll be sure use
Window | Model Info | Statistics | Purge Unused
before I save.

Interesting. I hadn’t tried using them on my Mac before. (TBH, they are such awful textures compared to what I use, I haven’t looked at them for some years.) I’m seeing the same thing, though. They work correctly on my Windows machine, though.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please update your profile with that info along with the actual OS version and graphics card.

Here is another version of the AKB textures. I made this from the imported textures on my PC in SketchUp 2019. I added the textures manually to faces I created in the model. See if this one works for you on your Mac.
AKB 2017.skp (1.1 MB)

dave, yours does;t work either…

I suspect the skms have old twilight attributes that break them on a mac…


And then there’s this which was posted about 10 minutes ago.

sounds like the same issue. I think there’s a more general issue with SketchUp 2019 on Mac.

was the same in v18…

I repaired a load of the SketchUcation ones for rich, but not sure if I even kept the script…


That would explain why my own custom textures don’t have this problem. I don’t use Twilight at all.

Thanks again gents.

yep, as mentioned, still not working in 2018.

Happy to have a fair go at any other suggestions.

My work around still works.