Material library in 3D Warehouse

A lot of us are searching the internet for SketchUp materials or we are making these materials ourselfs. Could it be possible to create a category in 3D Warehouse so that we can upload these materials and share these materials.

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There are already quite a number of material packs in the 3DW, placed there by users, some of them good, some not so much. They are typically presented as a grid of squares, each square a swatch of some material.

Try searching on “material pack.” As with everything in the 3DW, it’s sometimes difficult to find high quality offerings.


I know that, but it make it easier to search if you can search for specific materials


I’m not sure what your point is. The material packs that are posted, as would be expected, have titles and keywords that not only identify them as material packs but often name specific materials or classes of materials.

Do you have a specific proposal other (or better) than what you can do right now? If so, please spell it out for us.


It would be easier if you download the SketchUp material files (*.skm) and if you could see the materials clearly before you download these. This way we could create a large material library for every SketchUp user and make it easier to search for specific materials. For example if you are searching for wood or insulation textures you only get these materials.

Andreas, it really isn’t my intention to sit here and argue with you, honest. I’m simply trying to respond thoughtfully to your suggestion, and here is where that has led us. So I will make one more observation, which I hope is a thoughtful one.

Here it is: the content you are proposing for the 3D Warehouse is not 3D. Right now, all the fles offered by the 3DW are 3D model files. What you’re asking for is a 2D bitmap along with some xml data files packed in an archive file–a totally different kind of animal.

Perhaps this should be a separate facility, like the Extension Warehouse, which also deals with specific types of non-model files.


A separate facility would be a good alternative. But I thought that it could be a part of the 3D Warehouse.


Here’s an added suggestion: it would be useful if whatever facility hosts this resource provides a tiling viewer so the user can determine whether the material is well made with respect to its seamless tiling ability.


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@Andreas are you a participant in the SketchUp Beta program? If not, please PM me so that we can talk about getting you signed up.

Having worked on projects for Denova, Formica, KraftMaid, Oceanside Glass Tile, Certainteed, and others – the notion of broadening the scope of SketchUp related content types that 3DW supports, to include SKM files (or others), is something I’ve spent a considerable amount if time thinking about.

@Gully_Foyle previewing tileability certainly among those things to consider.

I’m adding the RAL colors. This is a color coding system for paint and coatings in The Netherlands and other EU countries, that is mainly use in construction. There are over 200 colors in the zip-file and these colors are all SKM-files.

RAL (327.6 KB)

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very useful, thank you!

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Try these 3D Warehouse components …

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The post immediately above yours offers the help you are asking for. Click on the 3D Warehouse logo.

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