Combining faces of circles for extrusion

I am trying to combine these two faces so when I go to pull it, it pulls as one circle instead of 2. I have tried selecting both faces and intersecting but it does not work. Any ideas? I got the threads from EP Fasteners and Threads extension. Ive been having to move the face where I need it and extrude back.

The pushpull tool (aka extrusion) works on a single face. So long as the inner circle cuts the outer circle, it creates two faces and you can’t pp them at the same time. The closest you can come is to pp the inner one to where you want and then use double-click to pp the outer one the same distance. Unless, of course, you can delete the inner circle and redraw it when needed.

I would recommend pulling one, then the other, then erasing the inner circle on the new face, so as not to disturb any geometry attached to the back of the circle.