Colour palette customization

Simply I would like to make the colour palette more customisable…
have the colour / materials libraries in my SU admin file available in LO (I use several bespoke colour system palettes (EG RAL) and it would be useful to have then in LO. I appreciate I can create a swatch panel in SU import as a scene and set up a scrapbook page, but this is about enhancements as much as work arounds.
I would also like some “grunge” overlay brushes or fills. This would allow the creation of watercolour effects, and “distressed” surfaces, even old paper parchment effect drawings. The grunge style overlays would also be useful in SU for the same reasons (eg the Photo ap Snapseed does this really well)

Agree, another of those crazy SU / LO interface design anomolies that never should have happened… the UI teams must have been on different planets !


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Grizzly was the codename for LO, back in the days, but a Grizzly can be hard to tame…

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