Colors from screen to printer

When I print a LayOut document, the actual printed colors are noticeably different from the screen representations. I am sure this is fairly normal and if it were more subtle than it is in my case, it could be ignored. However, …

Is there an established, effective process that one can go through to coordinate the printer output colors with those on the screen?

Hi ksnelson1

Are you seeing correct colors going from SketchUp/LayOut to PDF. Or are you seeing colors change there as well?

A lot of this can come down to your system, monitor, and printer color calibration which is quite an expertise.

Long story short if it’s a new topic, but windows, your monitor and your printer are all adjusting the color. So there are three things with settings that can go wrong, (two on a laptop).

My personal suggestion to reduce inconsistency is to set your monitor to sRGB color space if it’s an option, and to set your windows ICC profile to the same. It may be frowned upon, but I personally don’t use the color profile that is often installed automatically by windows for the monitor. Once your computer and monitor are set to the same setting then the only place that will be adjusting color is the printer (or quality of the monitor). But it should already be closer than it currently is.

But before looking at any of this, checking if your PDFs look correct on the monitor and if they print any different will help check what might be going on.

The screen image and PDF image are acceptably close, so I should probably explore calibrating the printer ( a cheap, but reliable, Canon).

I will also check about “monitor” and windows ICC settings to see what adjustments are even possible with them.

Also, some improvement was seen after doing 3 deep cleanings on the printer nozzles. I might also try it on actual photo paper instead of the inkjet paper (although very high quality inkjet paper) just to see how much variation there is between that output and the screen image. I had not noticed color problems before when printing photos.