Print consistency of exported pdfs out of LayOut Win

2.5 questions regarding print-ready documents out of layout

Let’s say, an illustration made in layout on mac with cmyk colours → open it in layout for windows later → exporting it as pdf.

How about colour consistency regarding cmyk definition wich is not available in in windows version?

How about backwards colours when i open it mac again?

Let‘s say a sketchup model made with pantone colours → open it in layout → exporting it as pdf

How about colour consistency regarding the pantone colours in the exported pdfs?

I would love to define our proces with sketchup pro but i am not sure if that works well for print

I don’t think the problem is with PDF documents. They should be reliably cross-platform.
Can you post a LayOut document with CMYK images? I have no idea what happens when it is opened in the Windows version.
Generally, there is no problem converting CMYK to RGB. The other direction is different, as CMYK, as you probably know, has fewer colours than RGB as it is limited to what can be achieved by dithering the four printer inks.

That is correct, the PDF itself isn’t any problem.
As far as I have found out, Fills in CMYK, created on Mac, opened on Win seems to be the same or simiar, but opening the file then again on mac, the CMYK colours are not anymore the same than initally. That turns out for me, that the files are not really interchangable…

How about the color profile of the monitor?

I don’t now. it more the question of the interchangeability of the files from Mac to win to print