Color on triangle shape won't change

What might I do to make a color change? I have two triangles in my model which won’t change color with the paint tool.

A screenshot or the model itself would help us help you…

A few ideas…
Are these ‘problem faces’ inside a ‘container’ - group or component ?
You might need to edit the ‘container’ to change a nested face’s color - otherwise you are applying the color to the ‘container’ rather than the picked face itself !

The problem faces are within a group.
I am within the group with the face selected.
When you say “container”, do you mean the group?

Is it possible that the color showing is the color on the backside?
If so, how do I change this?

I used the term ‘container’ to cover both a group OR a component.

Use View > Monochrome mode - with a Style with a distinctive back-face color.
That will show any incorrectly reversed faces…

If you select just one of the problem faces what does Entity Info show you ?
Is it listed as a Face ? or is a nested Group ??
What are its materials shown in Entity Info ?

Thanks so much for your help.
Entity info says “face.”

What about its materials in Entity Info - front/back ?

I don’t see how to answer your question as there isn’t a “materials” designation.

Screen-shot your Entity Info !

Screenshot 2017-12-30 09.37.06


The face is showing with a ‘white’ material.
I suspect this is the default material and in the Style you have ill-advisedly made front and back the same color !
Make the back a distinctive color - like magenta !!
Its purpose is to show you what’s reversed…

Notwithstanding any of that !
You should be able to repaint the face.
I see you are on MAC.
What is the current-material set to be ?
Can you use the eye-dropper sampler ?

Interestingly the face shows white in the Entity Info but the color is the grey stone color.

Where do I find what the material is set at?

The eye dropper sampler shows blue when it hovers over the triangle.

I figured out what was wrong. There were two layers of triangles. I deleted one layer and then the remaining layer changed colors to the white color which is what I desired.

Thank you for your help!

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