Color of tape measure tool when measuring a group

When measuring a group the color of the tape measure tool changes to one color. Is there a setting to change this so it stays the same? Being one color makes it a little hard to find midpoints.

Does it? Are you sure that isn’t because it is registering and endpoint, say?

Really? Can you show a screen shot of what you are seeing?

Now here are images when not measuring a group.

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I linked some images that show what is happening.

Indeed, when inferencing on a Group or Component the inference point shapes are all purple, the colors do not changs as they do when inferencing raw geometry. This is intended I guess to let you know when you are inferencing an entity vs geometry. The shape does still change, Square, circle, diamond, for the various types of inference. This is true for all tools, not just the tape measure. I do not know of a way to change this behavior.

Is it not just identifying the axis on which the tape origin point is resting (except when on a midpoint)?

i.e. It remains purple on a grouped entity but changes when not.

I can maybe see an argument for using shapes and colours differently. So you could have the shape (square, circle, diamond) tell you what kind of entity you are dealing with, and colour tell you what kind of point (end, mid, face, etc). If we are saying that, in raw geometry, both colour and shape are used to identify a mid point, do you actually need both?

If the midpoint of the bounding box of an object is near the midpoint of an edge in that object, it’s a bit confusing, IMO.
Both got the same message (eg ‘Midpoint in Group’) but the midpoint of the bounding box turns from purple to blue, whereas the midpoint of that edge stays purple.

Either change the message (it’s now the same) or have some other way to notify which midpoint is hoovered over. (one that’s more clearer to the user, or set in preferences)

Thanks everyone for the input. Would be nice if it was customizable. The colors are so much easier to to recognize when working with geometry vs group.