Collection of Menu Photos for recent Versions for SU and Layout


Before I get too crazy and start trying to compile this on my own… I thought I should present the idea, for others to consider, and ultimately correct, or improve.

As a potential resource for this forum community… I thought it might be nice, and even valuable to have a comprehensive collection of screen shots for all of the menus that are available in the different versions of SketchUp and Layout.

Folks answering questions on this forum could use them as a way to help navigate others to the correct location for where a tool happens to reside. during the time when they are not quite sure where that happens to be… given the differences in versions that they happen to be discussing.

I for one don’t always remember how tools were organized in previous versions, and If I had a collection of menu photos to quickly reference it could go a long way towards answering questions more efficiently and precisely.

I think we all typically know the tools that are available, and needed for a solution… but recalling what their locations were, in the various menus of between versions, and OS options, tends to be less easy.

How do you guys all feel about this idea?

There could of course be a database solution to this… bit that seems a bit more complicated than necessary… I was just think in terms of casual access to a decently organized collection.

Having additional info such as when certain tools were introduced, or relocated would of course be great as well.


I think the help center could be the place to implement a feature like you have on a Mac : start typing a command ( or part of it ) in a search box and the UI will let you show were it is located in the menu bar. You can already choose the OS and SketchUp version but there could be a third button/box which could display the location via such a screenshot from that database.

Now, typing ‘find center’ will give 23 articles for SketchUp alone, while some will only need ‘were to find it’

Off course, many context menu items are only visible when there is something ‘apropiate’ in the selection, so this must be noted on the screenshot as well.


And then there is extensions…


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