Collada file flicker when rendering in gazebo and MeshLab

I have created a cuboid with an Image on one face.

I have tried to export this object as collada file with multiple export settings (Edge on/off, Render Both faces, Triangulate all faces, etc).

The exported file is flickering in Gazebo Physics simulator. Also the white color disappears.

I tried to load the collada file in MeshLab. It also shows flicker and no white color

[Here] is a similar collada file.

I need to load this file correctly in Gazebo. Please help me to achieve this.

You have to delete the face of the box, because it overlaps with the image.

Thanks for replying.

The image does not spread to the whole face. It is enclosed with in the face.
What should I do to preserve the white color?

First, get rid of that face of the box. Then make your texture as you wish in your photo editor.
But it has a white, just delete the face.

Thanks for the clear illustration.

I actually need a white border around the image so that its visibility is enhanced. Sometimes the algorithm has difficulty in recognizing the marker when not enclosed in a white border.

If I am deleting the face it looks hollow.

You have at least 2 options:

  1. Prepare your photo in Photoshop/Gimp, and import again.

The first option seems best to me because it allows me to control dimension of the tapered (boundary part) and the image size.

However, I am not able to select the edges after I delete the face.
How do you select those edges. And thanks for bearing with me.

I managed to do it. However I am not able to export the white color of the box. It appears grayish. Any hints on how to resolve the color.

It is not necessary to select the edges, just draw another line over one of them. It will create that face, and then use Offset.

I just updated my last post.
Appearance is not flickering now. Only that the white color should load now.

I exported as a OBJ file (with OBJexporter plugin)

I cannot get the colors to appear in MeshLab. I specifically need to use the collada file format as eventually the model has to work with Gazebo physics simulator.
I found some info here that suggests it can be a material naming issue but I don’t understand much.

I exported the file into DAE, then I import it back to SketchUp. The colors are visible, so maybe MeshLab has a problem, but as far as I know it is no longer in development.
Did you try to see the DAE file directly in Gazebo?

Yes. The image I posted earlier is from gazebo. Here’s another one.

  • Custom Shapes: The Add button allows you to import custom meshes to from a link in the model. It currently supports COLLADA (.dae), 3D Systems (.stl), Wavefront (.obj) and W3C SVG (.svg) files.

And OBJ looks fine in MeshLab.

Ohh… I didn’t know gazebo supports Wavefront (.obj). My bad. I will try converting the model into obj file. Thanks a lot.

I am loading my model into Gazebo using a script. Here is the relevant section from script:

 <link name="marker_link_2">

      <origin xyz="0 0 0" rpy="0 0 0"/>
        <mesh filename="package://mono_bot/meshes/$(arg aruco_id)" scale="3 3 3"/>


I will Just replace the collada file with .obj file.

I need a favor, can you convert this collada (ArUco with white borders | 3D Warehouse) into an obj file. I cannot get sketchup8 (on ubuntu 16.04) to export obj file.

OBJ exporter

I have installed the extension using the ruby package. When I click the obj export button in menu. Sadly, nothing happens

Use SimLab OBJ Exporter: Simlab 3D Plugins - OBJ exporter for SketchUp
You have to find viable solutions, because someone else probably will not be able to turn your SKP files into OBJ anytime you need it.

Thanks. Indeed what you say is true.

I have successfully installed the SimLab OBJ Exporter. It is however asking for a license. I have requested a trial license. I think it will take a while before I am able to export a obj file.