Cold hands

I know we’re coming out of winter… but any pros out there have creative ways of keeping your mouse-hand warm while modeling for long periods of time lol

I’ve used fingerless wool gloves on occasion and I have a pair of light fingerless cycling gloves that work well for that. The cycling gloves are thin but surprisingly warm.

I always model indoor :wink:

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I have an old pair of outdoor thinny gloves that I use…

Haha! I hear that helps.

I guess I just have poor circulation… I get into a modeling flow-state for a couple hours and then I try to warm my hand on my coffee mug, but then also realize my coffee is cold…

At the start of the pandemic I was doing live models from my garage. It was a very cold winter that year and I THINK I did a few session wearing fingerless gloves… might have to search through YouTube for an image of that…

EDIT: No gloves, just a beanie and, at one point, a branded hoodie.

fingerless gloves as well.
I usually have warm hands, but weeks where I’m under the weather (figuratively and literally) they help.

Plus, since I have short fingers (compared to my palm size), it makes is WAY easier to find gloves that fit. :sweat_smile:

Heated Mouse?

Heated mouse pad, also a “thing”

Here in Finland dwellings are well insulated and kept warm, but this winter I have gone through chemotherapy that makes me especially sensitive to cold. I have worn the kind of thin white cotton gloves cleaners use or librarians in rare book libraries.


Thanks all for humoring me. It seems the consensus is that I need gloves. As a stop-gap measure, I have found an old (clean) lonely sock and cut finger holes in it…


did you add ears and eyes and a pink nose to your mouse - hand puppet ?

edit : oh wow, you already uploaded a photo on wikipedia as well ! :smiley:


My violinist daughter has sometimes had to play with fingerless gloves.

I suppose you could set up some heat lamp to shine on your hand as long as the glare didn’t get in the way.