CNC parts cart?

Hi everyone,

I’m running out of ways to store and transport my parts after they’re cut on the CNC. I would like to make a “parts cart” - something on wheels to allow me to store parts vertically. A vertical storage cart.

Have you made something like this or know where else I should look? I figure there must be existing plans out there somewhere.


Screenshot 2022-08-10 074824

Ok, thank you for your thoughts. I am looking to make one because it would be less expensive that way for me plus it allows me the flexibility to adjust it to best fit my needs.

Personally I would do an A or V cart. A simple A frame or V frame on wheels so you can stack everything on the two outer faces or the inner faces.
I built an A Frame, often called A Frail, for transporting glass in my van and to and from my boat. The whole thing slides out of the van onto a trolley (that is a similar height to the back of my van) so I can wheel it all down the dock straight onto the boat. I drill a row of holes in the floor so I can drop in a broom handle at different depths to tie back and hold everything in place.
I made a similar rack for a friend recently and simply screwed it to a 30 dollar dolly so he can push it around his workshop.

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I am asking if anyone has experience diving, and you are telling me that diving is pretty straightforward; just jump into the water.

Thanks, this sounds like a good idea that I hadn’t thought of! It sounds like a good way to keep everything balanced. I also like the idea to drill a row of holes. I don’t quite understand what you mean by “A Frail” - I couldn’t find anything online like this, is it just a nickname you use to refer to it?

Do you happen to have any pictures you can share?

Here’s a rough sketch, I didn’t bother with the ropes at the top, but I’m sure you can imagine how you would tie the poles to pull in and hold things. I use foam spacers against the glass.

By the way, here’s a google search for glass frail

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Ah thanks so much! Looking at this picture, I think the broom stick could be replaced with a rounded rail, like in the picture of the vertical storage cart, and that should be perfect for my use.

I’ve been using this cart in our shop for more than 25 years. I borrowed the design from my first boss
before I started my own shop. Its super easy to build. Sometimes we put a piece of plywood on the top and use it as a portable bench. We put 5" or 6" nice rubber wheel casters on the bottom. Don’t skimp on the casters! we heavily rounded over all edges with an orbital sander so nothing is sharp. We also put strips of thin carpet on each bottom strip for protection. I drew this from memory but if you’re intersted in exact dimensions I can measure it at the shop tomorrow. Hope this helps!

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Wow I love that it has withstood the test of time. I don’t need exact dimensions, this is a perfect guide for me to use, I’ll take a look at what size parts we tend to cut and see what I can come up with around that. Yes I’ve certainly seen a lot of casters fail! It’s easy to think that a wheel is a wheel, what could go wrong. But I guess I should actually try to estimate how much weight I’m going to put on this thing. Thanks!

Here are some pics from the shop:

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