My turnbuckle assembly


Hello everyone:) I just wanted to post my final assembly drawing i did tonight. JimD was gracious enough to enlighten me with some really cool ideas and processes of how to cut some complicated holes in a revolved part. He showed me a process of using a “cage” or “glass box” made from a 4 sided cylinder to hold an item at its center point.

One thing i had to figure out was how to use outliner to hide my boxes in order to use solid tools to trim the holes. Once i used JimD process, i then created the eye screws using the follow me tool.

here is the final project. Thanks to all o you guys for helping me get to this point. Its been a very interesting road learning how to 3d print and model. I remember a few months back when components and solid tools blew my mind, now i wouldnt know what to do with them haha

turn buckle final.skp (843.7 KB)

once again thanks JimD, Forestr, DaveR, BOX, and many others of whom i cant remember their user names, for helping me with this project and all my others. its been great.