Cloud service, remode desktop or how to get remote powerful hardware for Sketchup and Lumion?

Hello, Community!
It is possible to find some solutions to get powerfull hardware online to work with heavy models in Sketchup and to make visualisation on Lumion?
I’m talking about paid services.
Maybe some Cloud services, like Amazon or something else?

My laptop has core i5, 8Gb RAM and 1Gb discrete video it wa enought for some single objects, now i need more and more powerful recources.

Thank you

There are rendering services out there that could help you with that side of things. As for the SketchUp side, the way the EULA reads, it seems to prohibit what you are suggesting for SketchUp. I expect it would be problem-ridden even if there isn’t any issue with the EULA. You could hire out the modeling part of it.

It sounds like you purchased a bare minimum computer which is too bad. I imagine you would be better off to invest in a new computer that is up to the job than to buy modeling services.

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