Clothworks - Piping on a pillow

Hi All, I use clothworks to make pillows, but I haven’t been able to make a pillow with piping that I’m satisfied with. What I’ve been doing so far is creating the cushion, then copy and pasting the edges aside and creating the piping with follow me. I then paste it back into place on the cushion and use the cushion as a pin. I then make the piping a cloth, give it an adaptive grid and run a simulation, but not much happens and it’s not as realistic looking as I would like. Doesn’t anyone else have a different method? Ideally the piping would be on the pillow before the simulation runs so that the piping bends and crunches along with the pillow. I can’t find anything on the web, but I see people making very good cushions with piping in renderings, so I know it must be possible!

You could maybe use Artisan or something like that to add some organic element to the process.

Generally when I need to add piping, I just use the edge as a Follow Me path for a circle.

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