Clicktrough better please?

In the 3dw when you click on the image you do not get the modle, just the pic. Which is no good. Would one please change the link under the image work the same as the model title? It would save loads of errors.

Should this be in Feature Requests?

Which browser are you using? When I click on a thumbnail image in the Warehouse it takes me to the model page as it should. On the model page, as designed, clicking on the image starts the 3D viewer that allows me to orbit the model.

Safari, but firefox does the same. Its a setting in the html options, easily changeable in the backend of the site. For me its a frustrating error in the 3dw. PLUS its a popup in firefox. For security and privacy reasons all popups are disabled everywhere. Trimble is following users around in tracking cookies, along bing, google, etc. So yes, i have become a bit paranoia with trackers. They are off. The 3dwarehouse should be a bit more userfriendly there.

I don’t understand. Where is the error? If you want to download the model, why don’t you click on the download link? The 3D preview is, I think, an useful feature.

Anssi: Why do I have to think? When I search I search images for models. Then the click on the image is the logical way to get to the model.

Don’t you have a download button just in a corner of the image?

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It is exhausting, I know.


Yes, but before that one clicks through to the model itself. From the catalog page to the model. There is a bigger image, to see better what I need. Then the download arrow is there.

Anssi, its just plain and simple ux optimisation. The 3dwarehouse lacks quite a lot of this.

I really do not get what you mean.
I think the download button is always there if it is relevant. For me is more logical to download via download button than via picture click.

I use the pictureclick to reach the page where the model is separately displayed. A step extra, to better see what is there.

… and there is a BIG download button just in a corner of the image. I don’t feel any extra special effort to click on it.

Yeah. But when I click the image in the catalog page i do not get where I want to be: being this.

We do things diffrently it seems.

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… and there is a BIG download button just in a corner of the image.
I really don’t understand what you mean. Where you want to be from where?

It could be implemented as a user prefered option, perhaps, but that would mean a login. :grinning:
If you could set the clicking behavior for each session it would be different, though.

Maybe, on a Sunday afternoon, you could create a collection and search or scroll the warehouse and clicking on the image would add that model to your collection.

Mike, too many different subjects passing to think about a collection. From large fairhalls, offices, residential, 1940’s retro things, technical items etc, I search for parts or models when relevant, where relevancy switches several times a week.

So yours would be to download directly, mine would be adding to a collection.

Perhaps part of the issue here is that not too long ago, you could clik on either the thumbnail or the model title and you would be taken to the model location. I think a good many people were very used to this. I myself am slowly adjusting to the change, but still I occasionally clik on the thumbnail. It’s aggravating…but, oh well. On the flip side of that coin though, I have started to sort of like clikking on that “preview” since when you try to return to where you left off in your search results, you get thrown all the way back to the beginning - which is even more aggravating.

I think @MikeWayzovski 's idea is a good one - make it a preferred option.

@petervanbeelen … I’m not so sure pop-ups are an issue. I also use Firefox. I have pop-ups blocked for all but about a half dozen websites - neither Trimble and the Warehouse (nor Google) are not among them.