Cleanup3, problem merging faces


I have a problem merging faces with the extension Cleanup3 from thomthom.

I have a model that was exported from Revit with a plugin call RVT2SKP.

I tried exporting the same model as an IFC from revit. If I import that IFC in to Sketchup I can merge faces.

When I try to merge the faces of a component It wont merge. But the strange thing is that if I explode the component, then create a new component out of the same geometry, then I am able to merge the faces.

It’s almost like the component have some kind of property that prevents the faces from being merged.

Anyone have any idea on what’s going on here?


Merge test.skp (217.8 KB)

Open the component for edit before running CleanUp 3.

Just noticed that was a possibility to, but this wall is just one component out of a building complex with around 2000 components, so I can’t open each of them to merge unfortunately :frowning: