CleanUp3 extension issue on executing the clean comand

I’m trying to clean up my model using CleanUp3 extension downloaded recently, all good with installation but when launching with Cleanup option it just running infinitely without any report on the improvements, usually sketchup is not responding so I’m keen to force shut down. Appreciate some help here, thanks!

You might try limiting what CleanUp3 is cleaning and see if you get on better. It could be there’s just a lot of stuff that needs cleaning.

thanks, any suggestion what should I leave out?

Start by leaving out the merging of coplanar faces.

ok, launched as such…10-15 min should be enough to leave it work?

Depends on the model and how much stuff there is to fix and the CPU in your computer. Go eat dinner or walk around the block. :wink:

:slightly_smiling_face: already passed both activities, would like to work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Won’t help for this model but if you get in the habit of cleaning more frequently, it won’t take so long each time.

understood, did not know such a tool exist, remember you have been suggested last week when you “quit trying explaining me” :innocent:

one hour, still chewing…and if I check on the application it says that is not responding…

Not responding indicates SketchUp is still processing. You could force quit and restart it. Reduce what you are asking CleanUp3 to do even further.

taking out which one, please…

Try only Purge Unused. Turn everything else off. Then try adding the Edge settings.


done with purge, now on Edge…what to be next to add?

Materials maybe.

already added hidden geometry and duplicate faces, since a while now…it takes like forever…I’ll have materials after, if I still have the nerves to wait… :exploding_head:

Like I tried to explain before, the poor modeling practices that you used as you went along are costing you time now. It’s important to learn the right modeling practices before you get in too deep.