Cleaning the Model display

The Internal walls of my model, that are part of a component, are showing as some dots on the face of the exterior walls, that are part of a diferent component. Those dots are seen only when zooming the model from far. What can I do in order to avoid that parts of an interior component is shown on the face of a component that touchs it?

From your description is difficult to say exactly what the fix is. If I had to guess I’d say you have Back Edges turned on because you accidentally hit K at some point. If that’s what it is, hit K again to turn them off. If it’s not that, at least show a screen shot so we can see what you are seeing. Better, share the .skp file.

Another possibility is you are seeing edges through the model due to the great camera distance. If that’s it, assign the groups/components underneath or behind the outer faces to a layer/tag and turn that layer/tag off.

Dave many thanks for your prompt response. Back edges is turned off in my model. Its probably happening what you described in your message as “another possibility” meaning I’m seeing edges through the model due to the camera distance, because these dots are seen only when I’m zooming out from far above the model. They desapear as I zoom in closer to the model. I was trying to get help for a fix without having to turn off the layer the of the internal walls (underneath layer)…is there anything I can do other then turning off the layer of the underneath components? please advise.

It sounds like you are seeing a display limit known as “bleed through”. It happens when the camera is far enough from the model that the display system can’t decide whether those edges are or are not behind the surface. There are only two possible fixes: make the objects behind not visible or make the surface thicker.

OK. Thanks.

Depending on your structure, you can use hide edges to make them disappear without hiding everything as shown in this thread.