Classify (sort) shapes by area (surface)

How we can classify (sort) shapes by area () surface) as this photos? please

Add multiple images

Possibly in Adobe PhotoShop - ask on the Adobe PhotoShop forums about scripts for counting and measuring.

I know of algorithms for counting items in an image - custom work in the cell counting field.

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hi thank you for the answer, can you explain more please

This link should help -

PhotoShop count tool

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hi it doesn’t work

Did you separate the white background from the colored part of the image?

It might be possible to make an extension that does that with Ruby.

interesting diagrams… how would you use them?

assuming they are bitmaps you could vectorise them and then measure their areas. I would do that with Coreltrace but I am sure there is other software

That’s it we found a solution but not with Sketchup it’s with QGIS I mean with a plugin based on the language Python named Neat but we got another problem it doesn’t work with version 3.6

I did something similar when I played around with the idea of creating a texture baking extension. Arranging rectangular bounding boxes (of irregular faces) in rows (and sorted by size) is really simple, but the packing problem (efficient, most densest packing) is a non-trivial exponential problem. There were already better, optimized approximative solutions for texture atlases in other software.

Apart from that I don’t see a use case (and enough users), but maybe I can dig up the Ruby script snippet.

To make the PhotoShop count tool work, would still require the creation of actions, or possibly complex scripts to complete the sort process (could be a lot of work), but there may already be something written.

If you can’t get QGIS to work, you could check out PhotoShop extensions and scripts (mentions ArcGIS)

PhotoShop extensions

We can use it in urban planning, urbanism, spatial analysis …

and we can get this kind of duagram ether [](http://3d -Exploder)

But for d3, an export of the faces’ vertex positions (each face in a 2d coordinate frame) would be sufficient. Then other tools for shape analysis/packing/effects can be used. You wouldn’t do the animation in SketchUp?

We do it for a webpage with animation, but it would be easy if we do it with sketchup without animation