Circle/Arc segment changer extension?

Hey all,

Does anyone know of an extension where you can select a bunch of geometry, then change the segment count for arcs or circles in mass?

I use the segments to help draw geometry accurately, as the vertices are always ‘accurate’ to what a NURBS arc would be, however it becomes annoying to go back and change many arcs from ‘low poly’ to ‘high res’ to get it to look right.

Try Fredo Spline, Fredo Bezier Spline or Fredo Curvizard.

Fredo recently released Hole Editor which may be of use.

Thanks Mihai.s I have a feeling this will be perfect.

Currently going through all Fredo’s plugins and having my mind blown. Will likely invest in some in future.

Thanks Box I just had a look and it may not work for what I’m trying to do (just working with plain arcs & circles) but will definitely keep it in mind, looks like a neat handy plugin.