Circle aligned to face

Hi, I have a question about new SketchUp behavior (probably from Sketchup 2017).

I used to draw some kind of circles aligned (with shift key) to existing faces (in my model) on specified point.

In SketchUp 2015 it looks like this, and I like this workflow:

In SketchUp 2017 it looks like this, to finish the same thing I need more operations.

Do you know how to do similar operation in SketchUp 2017 (with same amount of click’s) ?

PS. I think this is the similar issue SketchUp 2018 Wish List


Yes, I am using shift. In SketchUp 2015 circle is on my specified point and SketchUp 2017 on this point projection. There is the difference.

It wasn’t obvious until you said it. As I’m looking on a phone I can’t help just now.




@john_drivenupthewall got it! In 2017 and 2018 pressing shift locks the circle to the plane of the current face. Down arrow locks it to the normal of the current face. I can’t remember whether this change came in with 2016 or 2017 and I don’t have 2016 available to run just now, but the inference lock was changed after 2015…

Yep, it’s a subtle but relevant change.
My one word answer should have been two words, down arrow.

hold shift for same plane, toggle down arrow for same direction of hovered plane

down arrow is enough in my case

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