How to force a circle into a certain plane (XY, YZ or XZ)



Most of the time sketchups automatisms are useful but sometimes not.

How can I force a polyedge or circle to be fixed in a certain plane f.e. YZ-plane even if I want the circle placed in touch with another surface which is orientated f.e. in XY-plane? In this case the automatism always switches to the plane of the underlying surface. I want to know how I can make sketchup keeping the circle in the YZ-plane.

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Use a face or camera position to get the orientation you want, then hold shift to lock the axis and move to the position you want to draw your circle.
Shift lock works with most tools.


Also, see this:

How do I draw a shape oriented vertically?



Hi Thank you so much for the demo-video and explanation.
haven’t thought that it would be so easy. It’s just to know the right keypress: shift

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