Drawing a circle in a specific orientation

Probably a dumb question but sometimes you have to ask anyway: How do I draw a circle in a specific plane. If I just select the circle icon and draw, it draws the circle in the ‘red-green’ plane… How do I make it draw in the ‘blue-green’ plane?

One option is to orbit so the blue-green plane is nearly parallel with the screen. Remember, you’re working in a 3D space. Don’t treat it like you’re painting on a canvas.

Other options include hovering over a surface with the desired orientation and locking the orientation of the tool by holding Shift.

Tnx, let me try both of those…

I appreciate it… rf

If you are using SU 2016 (but not in earlier versions) you can use the arrow keys to specify the axis normal to the plane of the circle: R-arrow = red; L-arrow = green; Up-arrow = blue (normal default with the opening view).

Or in older versions of SU, you can draw the circle on the red-green plane and rotate it ‘upright’ - you can lock the Rotate tool to an axis by dragging the mouse along the axis.