How to draw a circle on my intended plane (and other simple things)

Hello All! Picklewick here.

My old circular saw-table broke, and I’m faced with the distasteful option of buying another one (with money!) or building one. The latter will cost money too - probably more of it by the time I’ve finished, but it will be an interesting journey, and I can include all the features I want. First, I need to design it, and I’m finding PowerPoint a bit limiting. The 3D aspect if Sketchup is particularly attractive for foreseeing interference between the various components. However …

I’ve just downloaded Sketchup Make, and I find I’m unable to do the very first thing I tried. If we call the three intersecting planes between the X, Y and Z axes the XY plane, YZ and XZ, I’m still tryint to sort out how to draw a circle on my intended plane.


One easy way to to draw the circle in the intended plane is to use the cursor keys. Left cursor will make the center axis of the circle align with the green axis, Up, with the blue and right with the red.

You can also orbit the camera to encourage the tool to align in the desired direction.

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Aha! That does it! So easy when you know how.
Many thanks, DaveR.

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Hello to you, Down the road if you need more instruction this link will lead to the help page:

Also if you click the little house icon at the top of the page it will direct you there as well. Clicking on Learn will open this up to you.

The Skill Builders and Video Tutorials are full of all the basics you will need to cut out some of the frustrations that come with getting started. It sounds like you prefer to be hands on and these will help you teach yourself. Or save a bit of time hunting for your solutions The Help Center provides all the documentation for all the programs capabilities. …Peace…

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