Check validity adds geometry

Geometry was added and ‘check validity’ appeared in the edit tab. What is this about?

We need more info to form a reply. What sort of geometry, and how was it added? Did you import it from another file or draw it directly into the model? Also, could you upload a screenshot of the “edit tab”? I don’t know what you mean by that.

If you have the “preferences->general->automatically check models for problems” set, SketchUp will examine the model for issues and ask if you want it to fix them. Is that what you are seeing?

I found the geometry on the wall in the screenshot attached, rebuild the wall and went to the edit tab and found the top line to read ‘check validity’ , when selected the geometry went away but reappeared after the file was saved. The walls were flat and now appear to be contoured. Any suggestions to fix the problem? The ‘check validity’ is no longer in the edit menu.

this looks like an imported file, but you don’t say what format is was before…

did you try using the ‘Eraser Tool’ on any of them?


Your screenshot shows numerous areas that became triangulated as SketchUp tried to fix your model. This suggests that the geometry was originally slightly non-planar, especially around the borders of the windows. You still haven’t said where you obtained the geometry, so I can’t say whether the problems arose in how you placed it or with small misalignments in the file you imported.

This is my drawing of a local library and the Greek mural is a photo applied. Then I first noticed the extra geometry I went about erasing it but it returned so I went to the edit tab and that when I found the ‘check validity’ at the top of the edit menu.
When I applied the ‘check validity’ edit the geometry went away, but returned when I saved the file. I intend to re-build the surfaces, again with the axis displayed, to monitor the effects more closely.