Chaos Cloud Render - File Path Error

Hello! Sketchup + Vray Chaos Cloud are awesome, however I am experiencing errors once my files are uploaded to the Chaos Cloud servers. Please see attached.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Have you checked the file paths of the materials that are causing the error message. For example, many models in 3D Warehouse path to the original creators drive…hence returning the error in V-Ray. That’s why the ‘Pack Project’ tool was provided - so that all supporting/linked content stays with the SketchUp model.

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The files are not present in the paths on my laptop as mentioned in the error log.

  1. Why would there be files in these folders? I don’t see any issues with my model…
  2. Will this error be resolved when I ‘pack’ the project and then upload to the Cosmos Server?

Hi @RogerRamjet. It sounds like you have some material files that came from other creators. Did you import any assets from outside of V-Ray? As I mentioned before, when using assets from the 3D Warehouse, some models contain data (textures, etc) that path to their local drive. The only way to fix it is to re-path to your drive – but in order to do that you need the file (texture, etc) so that you can save locally.

If it’s only few paths that are causing you problems, then it may be best to delete those files (textures, etc) and use something else that you can control and maintain yourself. Let me know if you need more guidance.

*update, no packing the project won’t help. The ‘Pack’ feature is for when you share a model, it pulls all those links to local files and places them in a folder…similar to e-transmitting if you’re familiar with the process in AutoCAD.

Here’s a screenshot showing the issue in case it’s still a bit confusing. You can see in three places what pathed texture files are missing.

01: In the Materials section of the V-Ray Asset Editor, under each material there is a drop down showing the associated support files/settings. In this plant example (downloaded from the 3D Warehouse), you can see that it’s missing a few textures/support files. The Bump map for the woven pot is still pathing to the creators drive.

02: Under Extensions/V-Ray/File Path Editor/ you can see all of the files. The ones in RED are ones that have errors or are missing paths.

03: In the Frame Buffer, you can see that the woven texture is flat and smooth, hence no bump/normal map information is showing. For a ‘V-Ray Ready’ model, that’s a sign that something is wrong and should be fixed.

Ultimately, you may be better off swapping components you’ve loaded from 3D Warehouse with ones from V-Ray Cosmos or materials from V-Rays default library.