Changing the scale of a detail in Layout

Hi I experience some user issues - I guess there is something I don’t know when trying to scale up a detail in layout from 1:2 to 1:1.
to explain what I mean see video in the link attached.
the detail is a small part of a section which is saved as a scene in SU - for added context a screen-grab with my detail location marked green.
It seems that after changing the scale the location for it is moved to the center of my saved scene.

I appreciate any help you can offer.

Thank you in advance,


Are you using the closer scene in layout in the bubble or have you copied the same wider scene?
If you are re-scaling the same scene (the wider one) then you would have to move its position for the detail scale. The detail bubble should use the closer scene you made in SU. If I have understood what you mean.

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Short answer is, as you’ve already experienced, LayOut doesn’t have a center point or reference point so when you change scales using a clipping mask, the model shifts and yes, you’ll have to re-center manually. shouldn’t be that much work though.

See example:

Alternatively, if your model is done being updated or is not likely to change, then you may consider ‘exploding’ the model view at it’s current scale…then trimming the lines outside of the clipping mask and deleting. Then group and convert the remaining linework to a ‘scaled drawing’ That way you can now scale the drawing as much as you like and it retains it’s center.

See example:

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The solution with exploding, grouping and scaling will work for me most of the time, the rest I will have to redo.

I would have loved if I just missed a little trick an Layout would know just to scale that clipping mask.
All in all it’s just a minor thing, as most of the time I have the right scale from the beginning.

Thank you Eric and Steve for your help.

Best, David


Agreed. Hopefully that can be added to the list of upcoming improvements to LayOut. It really is getting better and better every time a new release comes on :wink:

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