Changing the color of a shape when closed

I am new to sketchup, currently using the Mac OS Monterrey. As I am going through tutorials I notice on all tutorials when a shape is closed, for example a rectangle is drawn it changes to a light blue color indicating that it can be pushed or pulled. On my screen when I draw a shape or close off a line the color does not change, it just stays white and it makes it hard to tell which shapes are closed. Does anyone know where I can change the color from white to a different color?

Faces automatically form when coplanar edges complete a loop. If the edges are all in one plane then a face is created, by default that face has two sides, a front and a back. The default front face color is white and the back face color is a blueish grey. Many users change the default face colors to make spotting the back side easier, like hot pink or in my case neon green. It’s a good idea to make your front face color slightly different than your background modeling space color as well so it can be distinguished.

These settings are part of your Style options. Open Window>Styles to see the display style options. You can choose a new style there or edit the current style by pressing EDIT. Under edit the second panel from the left is the faces panel, you can adjust the front and back colors there. Once adjusted to your liking you can press the update button in the upper left corner of the panel ( it will have a circle of arrows if you have made a change indicating that it can be updated).

It’s general practice to make yourself a new default template with your preferences like styles pre-set so that each new file opens with everything set the way you like it. Adjust a blank file then choose File>Save as Template, and mark “Set as Default”

When you draw a face on the ground, it used to be upside-down, so that if you push pulled upwards you would get the face being outwards on the box you made. That was changed in a recent version, so that someone making 2D plans would get the front of the face and not the back of the face. When you push pull it upwards, that face is reversed to make it be outwards.

So, the tutorials were made when the face was placed back side up, and now it’s placed front side up. It will still push pull ok.

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A gif with a some demonstration of what @colin is talking about and style adjustment.


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Thank you so much! I spent so much time trying to figure this out, I was able to set the colors now and its much better. I also created a template as you suggested. Thanks again!

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Okay, thank you for the clarification!