Changing shape size in Layout

Hi, I’m trying to create a long thin rectangle and place it over a part of an image in Layout. I just cannot get it to the size I need (it jumps too small or too large as I drag the outer corners of the rectangle). Would anyone know how I make slight adjustments to the size of a rectangle?

I have added an image to illustrate the issue I’m having. I’m trying to add a band of white from the balconies to the edge of the building, covering these bricks. I just can’t get it lined up where I want, or at the correct length and width.

Try turning off Grid Snap in the Arrange menu and see how you get along. You could also turn off Object Snap if you need to.

Oh thank you Dave - that has worked!!

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If you turned off Object Snap you might want to turn it back on when you’re done so that things like dimensions will snap to end points in the model viewport.