Editing Length and Offsetting Value


Am a new user to Sketchup but despite watching tons of tutorials and reading over blog posts I am really struggling on how to edit shape length/width and offsetting.

I know how to fix these dimensions at the point of creating shapes, but what if you want to go back afterwards - I cant seem to work out how you do this? i.e if I create a square 10x10x10 how do I adjust this to say 9x9x9?

Also, if this change is made, does SketchUp automatically adjust all the components connected with this?

Would appreciate any support on this as loving using this, but stumped on what would seem an easy feature.

Use the scale tool with a factor of 0,9.

All instances of that component changes too, if you apply the scaling to the component in edit mode.
The answer is “No” if you are asking about other components.

Thank you Cotty - its a bit tricky but with your help I have figured it out. Many Thanks

@conway_gavin: But you could (temporarily) group different components to then scale them together in one operation.
Scaling not only accepts a scaling factor. If you include the units in the input, you can scale to actual input size. read about scaling here: http://help.sketchup.com/en/search/sketchup/scaling