4 rectangles in a grid

I can’t work out why these rectangles aren’t dimensionally accurate. I wonder if the model is no longer 2D - more used to programmes where you can sketch in 2D and then extend in 3D space.
As a side note if you create two separate line segments - how would you check if they are in line with each other? I can’t get the dimensions tool to give the offset between the line segments.
4 rectangles.skp (180.0 KB)

Your ‘bottom right’ rectangle isn’t aligned with the bottom left one.

I drew guidelines to show that.

Each rectangle (actually a square) is the same size.

How did you make the copies?

You can increase the precision in Model Info, Units, to show up the tiny differences that John showed.

I fix them by putting down a few lines that are 90mm apart, and then used the move tool to snap the squares to line up with the lines I had made.

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Right now it is still 2D
Turn off length snapping and set displaying precision to max. (0.000001mm)
Then use the ‘Tape Measure’ tool to check each corner: showing (x,y,z) as (… , … , 0.000000mm)

I know it is obvious but you can click on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas about how to draw precise geometries.

Small squares at the corners of a large square.skp (215.6 KB)

Strut.skp (205.3 KB)
Ok I thought my Sketchup knowledge was improving! but I have the same sort of issue here. Can anyone please explain the 0.2mm discrepancy in the dimensions measurements?
Thanks again

To start with, why is ‘Length Snapping’ still enabled? It can and will cause issues!

Look how dimensions are anchored near the bottom of your model:

This is where you get an extra 0.2mm as a gap.