Changing multiple groups into components

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Looking for a bit of advice.

I’ve been designing some small pods in timber. I have been doing it brute force method for a while. Using components and Open Cut List for reporting. It worked very well for a bit. Now the work load has increased and I need to be more efficient in my design work. I started running medeek Bim plugin and has really helped a ton.
The one thing I miss is the easy setup and great reports I could generate from OCL.
The issue I am having is medeek creates groups instead of components so OCL doesn’t pick up studs and top plates and such…
My question is, is there some sort of script or plugin that would automatically change each group into a component?

I use this one all the time…
It’s made by @thomthom


Thanks. This worked pretty well. Did exactly what it says it does. The issue with this is it doesn’t dig deep to change all groups to componets. The other issue is once I do this it breaks it from the medeek plugin so you can’t use it to modify anything using the plugin.
With that said, I can keep 2 copies work on one and pull reporting from the componentized model. Bit of a pain but @medeek is saving me alot of time modelling.

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I haven’t used the Medeek plugin, but I use thomthom’s selection toys - it also has the function it converting groups into components. Bonus that when you are selecting them you can choose active, by layer, etc. It goes deep, into nested groups and components as well as hidden, tags that are off, etc. when you make the selection - then you can convert what you’ve selected into components.

But if the same group is mirrored, or if a dynamic component is mirrored, it doesn’t add it to the selection… something going on in the background that changes how they are recognized.

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Going to have a look.

S4U components in my opinion is the best tool for this kind of work, it’s a paid one though.

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Thanks I’ll have a look.