Changing material saturation / color in VRAY

Hi there, I have the newest version of Vray for SU Pro (2019) and I’m using custom materials. I am changing the attributes of materials already in the file so I do not have to repaint everything. I have found out that I can change the color of the Diff map but cannot change the appearance of the overall rendered texture. What is the proper way to manipulate the colors of individual materials when you have bumps, displacement, etc? My goal is to map the same material to 3 different paver colors in my SU file and just manipulate how dark they are. Although I’m changing the color of the image in each version, they all render the original color. The texture is also a little too saturated (I want cool gray instead of warm). I’m a bit new to VRAY so my lingo may be a little off.

Create a Generic material and for Diffuse Map choose a Multi-Sub

for the three new diffuse maps, change Color Space to Custom Gamma Curve, and change its Gamma value for each one.

Oh that’s cool. So how do I apply each of those variations to each texture that is like that? When I have used VRAY in the past, I have copied the new texture I added then pasted it onto the material it was mapped to in SU and manipulated each color from there. It appears in the new version of Vray, the copy and paste options have been removed from the menu. What replaced it, and how do I apply the same texture to 3 specific IDs while reducing the need to repaint thousands of little squares I drew by hand? I would also like to note that I have tiled patterns grouped together, so I’m not sure if that is an issue with bump maps .Thanks!

As I showed in the first animated GIF, with Copy and Paste

As I wrote in the first post, change the Gamma value for Color Space (see photo).