Changing Line color (again)

Please be gentle, I just finished Bootcamp and this is my first forum question (yes, I DID search for the answer).

We draw corroded structures so I want to change freehand line colors to (say) brown to emphasize a spall crack or maybe blue to show the epoxied repaired state.

I tried selecting the lines, (B)ucket, brown, etc…no joy. I do not want a Style, 'edge color to match material" as I may have a concrete face but want a ■■■■ brown (OK, rust brown) crack.

On the same subject, how to I make the line weight greater (thicker line) or even a dashed line? I’m obviously line horny right now!

Newbie SketchUpper

In order to show edges with colors other than black, you would apply a color to those lines and in order for the color to show, you would need to set the Edge color to By Material. You don’t have to apply the color to all of the edges. If you only paint the faces inside the component/group with the concrete texture, you can then paint the crack with the rust brown color. Leave the rest of the edges unpainted.

You could also draw the crack as more than just an edge. Make it a very thin face and paint the face instead of the edge.

Line weight options in SketchUp are limited. There are normal edges and profile edges. If you are using a Sketchy line style, there’s only the option to turn Profiles on or off but no control over their thickness.

There is an option for normal edges to create dashes by putting those edges in a group or component and assigning a layer to that group or component with a dashed style. Unfortunately that doesn’t work with sketchy edges. The alternative would be to divide the line into a number of smaller segments and hide or erase alternate segments.

This is something I was playing with earlier today. I applied a color to just the vertical line, then divided it and erased the alternate segments.

In Atlanta we were bragging about how fast the answers come in the forum. Thanks for helping to prove that! Also, note that Dave is one hour behind Byron.


Here’s another quickie example from the same model as before. I’ve added some wood grain materials to the faces of the pivoting vise jaw component and the dowel on which it pivots. Since I painted only the faces in those components, their edges are still rendered black despite the edge color being set to By Material.

Things you can find at the SketchUp Sage site.


OK, I feel like a newb dork now. I can’t find Edge Settings?!? under Styles, Modelling.image

This has to be simpler than I 'm making it. :expressionless:


Click on the wire frame cube icon below Select in your screen shot.

Oh the simple joys of life! Thanks y’all.