Changing dimensions of only 4 legs


I purchased a sketchup blueprint of a workbench, and have looked everywhere this board for the answer. The bench is 7 foot long and when I change dimensions all parts are proportioned. My issue is that I want the legs to remain a specific thickness. Not to be dimensioned. But when I go to the individual legs, sketchup will not allow that. It keeps asking me if I want to redimension the entire bench. When I say no, the legs do not change. I am using a mac and teh free version of sketchup.


Very likely you need to be using the Move tool instead of the Scale tool. Where did you get the plan from? Whose workbench design? Is it possible to look at the SKP file? Since you bought it, you shouldn’t upload it publicly but you could send it to me in a private message so I can take a look at how the model is built and give you more specifics.


Dave thank you for the quick replay. I got the plan for the Samurai Carpenter. I cannot load up the file since it is premium file. Another question. I have tried move, but I need the rest of the bench to adjust when I change the dimension of the legs. Such as the lower shelf. Could I choose to adjust the entire bench except the thickness of the legs and width? so lock those down, then use the scale function?


Very likely you’ll need to edit the groups/components and move their ends, too. In the workbench and other models I create for plans, that’s all very easy to do but since I can’t see the model you have, I can’t tell you if it would be easy to do or the exact steps. As I said, if you want to share it privately, I can give you a better idea. I won’t share it around.


Dave how do I get you the file


I sent you a PM with my e-mail address.


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