Changing description in Outliner, using Sketchup Shop

Just purchased Sketchup Shop. Taking an online tutorial from Master Sketchup. It is several years old I think. It suggests adding labels to different groups in Outliner. I see the few groups I have created, but they all say group. Is there a way to add your own description?

New here, thanks for the help.


That’s done in Entity Info, not Outliner.

Thanks much Dave. In the outliner I saw an entry for Group, and then 2 sub-entries also named group under the main title.
I opened the entity panel and typed floor in the field at the top. I will monitor that as I continue to take this tutorial and see how it goes.

Could you recommend any tutorials that are specific to the version I am using?

Thanks again.

@nautical99 Stay tuned: we are working on some specific tutorials for SketchUp for Web!

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Mark, that would be most helpful.
I currently am stuck on using the component feature in shop. the tutorial I am following has me building a small shed. I am have selected the six rafters, and them created a component by right clicking and selecting make component. But it I double click on the group, and then double click on one of the rafters, then use the push pull tool, it only affects the one I selected, not all the ones that make up the component. Does they feature not work in the “shop” version of SU, or do I need to purchase the pro version? Thanks for any help.

Here’s your problem. You should be selecting the geometry for ONE rafter, make it a component and then copy the component to make the other five rafters. Then when you open one of them for editing, and make changes to it, the others will follow suit. This is the same in both the desktop versions of SketchUp and the web based versions.

Thanks Dave, that was the answer. I will go look at that portion of the tutorial again, but I think I made the rafter, grouped it, moved it in place, then duplicated and placed, then selected the all and right clicked make component.
Your answer solved the issue.
Thanks again.

That sounds like it would have made more problems than even copying just the loose geometry. If the tutorial you are following indicated that you should do that or copy the loose geometry before making the component, I would suggest you quit following it now.

Glad my suggestion worked for you.

Just watched it again, and I did miss that step. Ugh. That about 4 hours of life I will never get back!
The message board indicated that I had a private message from you?? I have not figured out how to display it. I did see where I could send a message, so maybe I will try that.

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